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The August issue of our magazine is now available.

This month's issue includes the third part of our minister's series on 'The Bible, Alcohol and The Lord's Supper', some reflections on the recent RP International Holiday Conference, and an article from Reformation Scotland asking, 'Are we Getting Holiness Wrong?'.

You can access the magazine here.

The May issue of our congregational newsletter/magazine is now available.

In this month's issue, our Minister continues his series on 'The Bible, Alcohol and The Lord's Supper' - considering the New Testament evidence.

To access the magazine, please click here

You can access the March issue of our church newsletter via the link below.

Among this month's items, our Minister begins a series on 'The Bible, Alcohol and the Lord's Supper', we provide an update on our recent works of evangelism, and include a copy of a letter written to government regarding the proposed smacking ban.

You can access the newsletter here.

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