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As a church, we are committed to the Bible as our rule of faith and living. We are also committed to the historic Christian faith as it has been expressed in the ancient Creeds of Christendom and in the truths contained in the great Confessions of Faith which sprung up in Europe with the Reformation of the 16th century. Our main doctrinal standard is the historic Westminster Confession of Faith, drawn up by leading theologians from all parts of the British Isles, in the 1640’s.


This means that we are committed to believing in, amongst other things, the absolute sovereignty of God (Father, Son and Spirit), a created universe, our fall into sin, our consequent alienation from God and exposure to his condemnation and final judgment, the saving and complete work of Jesus Christ in dying for sinners, the necessity of faith in Christ in order to experience salvation, and the reality of both heaven and hell.


Because of the importance of its message, we believe the Bible is the most important book you could ever read and that the person at its centre – Jesus Christ, crucified 2000 years ago – is also the most important person you will ever encounter. After all, if the Bible is true, we will all encounter him one day.

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