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The Gardner St. church building, located at the foot of the steepest street incline in the West End of Glasgow, is in the busy area of Partick. There is a large and cosmopolitan student community in the area due to the nearby location of the main Glasgow University buildings.


For those who like such information, the church building has been around a long time. It was built in 1906 and designed by H & D Barclay – well-known architects best known for designing the municipal buildings at Greenock, the University of Strathclyde’s Royal College building in George Street and a host of Glasgow schools including Albany Academy (later, the Gaelic School) in Ashley Street, Hillhead High and the Glasgow Academy at Kelvinbridge.

The church was built to serve the growing Gaelic speaking community of Partick and was originally called Partick United Free Gaelic Church. From 1929 until 2011, it was part of the Church of Scotland and called Gardner St Church of Scotland. Some of the remnant of that congregation joined with us when the Church of Scotland ceased to hold services there.


Since we purchased the building, we have substantially renovated it and, through some imaginative planning, created new rooms where there was previously empty space. This work of renovation is ongoing! It’s best to come in and see for yourself…

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