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As a church, our main duty is to worship God together. We meet for this twice on Sundays at 11:00am and 6:00pm. We have all age groups present and you will be warmly welcomed.


When you come in, you’ll be given a Bible and a songbook (our songbook consists of the songs contained within the Bible which God has given us to use in worship, known as ‘Psalms’). The Minister will lead us in worship which will include congregational singing, prayer, reading the Bible and preaching.


After the service, there are light refreshments in the lower hall and you can stay and meet the folk who are there. You can also to speak to the Minister or to one of the Elders if you wish.


If you have under 12’s, they can attend the Sunday school (running concurrently) where they will be taught in a relaxed environment by our teachers – who all have disclosure certificates. There is also a crèche for the younger children.


After the Sunday evening service, the congregation meets for an informal time in our lower hall where there may be questions for the Minister or, perhaps, someone will tell how they became a Christian. In any case, you are warmly invited to stay for that.


On alternate Sunday afternoons, there is an informal class, led by a qualified musician, for learning to sing Psalms and there are also regular youth meetings and congregational meetings on alternate Sunday nights after the evening service. 


There is also a Kids Club, usually on the first Thursday evening of the month, for children aged P5-S2.


The congregation is busy with outreach and other activities which are announced as they happen.

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